What is pain and where does it come from, from the perspective of healing your body at the root of the problem? 

Simply aligning to the word pain is something we need to shift off, right off the bat.  For the sake of this article, I will no longer refer to pain as pain.  I will be replacing that word with “discomfort” rather than pain.  Words carry an energy.  Every word creates a reactive response to you, your body, and your spirit.  I want you to walk away from reading this article with “good juju” rather than something that keeps you in the vibration and space of pain.

Discomfort is a side effect to your body not being able to process an emotion. 

How many “truly” happy days do you experience?  Not grateful days, “happy” days.  I can bet you that every single one of those happy days none involved you having to deal with discomfort.  I can almost always guarantee you that most of your happy days are your discomfort free days.  So, if discomfort free = happiness, then don’t you think you owe it to yourself to take a listen, for the sake of you and your body.  Hey, who knows, maybe you too can discover a different way of going about relieving your body of discomforts it has at current time.   

If you are experiencing chronic discomfort, I’m willing to bet that leaving those discomfort’s alone is simply not the answer.  You either must live with it as is or medicate it, those are your options usually.  Don’t you find it interesting that by the time the discomfort becomes a dis-ease, condition, or cancer, then, and only then are some people willing to try holistic health.  Wouldn’t it make sense to at least take a look at it starting today!  You don’t want to find yourself searching for it, when you or a loved one is requiring something alternative and a new way to get healthy, mind, body and soul.   

When you are challenged and need to find new answers because the ones you have tried are not working it becomes a great way to step back into fear.  Once you step into fear you start to look outside of you for answers and that is when you lose control of you and your situations.  Fear is simply certain Facts and Events Appearing Real.

So how does a holistic energetic approach work when it comes to discomfort(s)?

You can literally take a discomfort, condition, disease, or cancer. Go to where it’s located in the body.  Dig in emotionally by asking questions, along with some body processes and facilitation.  Depending on every individual’s needs.  After all, we all heal differently and require different things. Depending on which organ or organs are affected there is usually anger, rage, hate or some stuck emotion attached to it.  If it’s affecting you negatively then it’s a negative emotion.  If we can tap into that stuck emotion and move that energy, miracles can take place.  Tumors have stopped growing and healing can take place.  Usually its instant or with some, it starts the healing process.  Happiness can once again come in; healing takes place and voila…you feel like a whole different person.  Because you are a different person. 

Discomfort sends signals to your brain.  It has been proven that your brain can not differentiate between an experience you are living through or something you are watching or feeling.  Allow me to prove it to you.  What happens when you watch an intense movie?  Your breathing may start to get harder, your body may start to sweat, you start to experience the thrill and excitement, or fearful and anxious depending on what you are watching.  What you are watching sends signals to your brain and in turn your body responds or reacts.  This is no different for emotions.  If you are having a bad time or "issue" for a long time, you have probably been telling yourself, you just can’t deal with this right now.  You keep doing that, tucking it away, pushing away, until eventually one day, your body will create a discomfort.  Eventually this discomfort will send a signal from your body to the brain that something is wrong, and it will have to be dealt with.  You may or may not know how to deal with the discomfort if you are not in communion w your body.  The not knowing, usually pushes you into fear.  Once you step into fear you lose control of self and step outside yourself for answers and solutions.  You are no longer in control and you will ask for help outside yourself and you will not be able to make choices, because you are scared and confused.  Fear is the biggest distractor there is on this planet.  It is the biggest lie we all fall for.  Fear is low vibration on the vibration and frequency chart.  It’s one of the lowest if not the lowest one out there.  Low vibration = low vibration experiences, low vibration life, low everything.  Once you get stuck in a vibration a shift is needed, and that is when an Energy Facilitator can use themselves as conduits to facilitate you. As we clean the debris from you energetically, it flows through me.  As it flows through me, if I have the same vibration in me, it also clears it from me.  So, you see, it’s a give and give situation.  We in essence are healing each other.  Matching and clearing energies are some of the most effective sessions you can experience. 

Depending on what your emotion is will determine the location of the discomfort.  Louise Hayes, wrote Heal your Body, it is a great reference to start with pinpointing which emotions you are dealing with, determined by where its located.  Another great book to read for that is “Soul Speak”, by Julia Cannon.  This book goes about it a little different, all together great information to look at if you are new to holistic health. 

Once the emotion is trying to get your attention through discomfort, it will surface, which will demand that suddenly all your attention now be on this “issue”.  If you keep ignoring it and not addressing your emotion it will get worse and manifest itself into conditions, cancer, a dis-ease and or some sort of sickness or discomfort.

Let’s discuss vibrations really quick.  I think it only makes sense, since we are talking about “issues” with the body.  Or is this an issue with the body, mind, and spirit?  I have the opinion that it vibrates all throughout.  Affecting and in the effect of it all.  In this world, we follow a Hermetic Principle.  Creating and affecting everything at either end of the spectrum.  There is a spectrum of vibrations, in this reality we have the opinion that there is a high and a low and a good and a bad.  For the sake of vibrations and frequencies there are no good nor bad, right nor wrong.  They just are.  So, when I say low frequencies or vibrations or high frequencies or vibrations, I want it to be clear that I do not mean, one is better than the other.  For they are all independent of the other.

We let bad emotions fester.  It's usually the one's we have put up into a little box and decided we couldn't handle today or anytime in the near future so therefore I must put it away to survive and continue on with life as planned.   As soon as you do that a hurt is not being acknowledged.  Energetically you have told your body I know you are hurt but I'm not willing to look at it right now.  We keep piling on these hurts over and over until one are forced to deal with all that is not addressed.  Body pain is emotional baggage and you will have to unload it eventually.  Either voluntarily or will have to be dealt with.  

Some chose drugs.  Interestingly enough drugs are the worst thing to run too.  Programming is a big issue when it comes to pain.  In the Western world big Pharma is a huge program we have been running since the beginning of big Pharma.  If it's in pill form we will take it no questions asked.  We don't question ingredients, we don't question side effects we simply just take it.  If the doc prescribed it, then it must be right for us.  We blindly take the pill, no questions asked.  

Pain is a money maker indeed.....from the government, to pain management centers, to surgeons, big Pharma we are all being led down a rabbit hole that we have been led too for decades and let's face it, its not by folks that have our best interest in mind.

So, what do you do?

Alternative methods are available.  Choices should be made by you and you alone.  Educate yourself and start tapping into your knowing.  Start to create a true connection w your higher self and start to heal the parts of you that require healing.  If this resonates and you feel called to set up a session you can do that by contacting me here or by calling me at 832-656-4688.  


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