Cleansing and clearing your Space & Yourself from A-Z

If your from a Native Indian family, usually this information is learned from your elders.  I am 48% Native Indian yet our family teachings did not include cleansing and clearing of your space and self.  I have learned most of my spiritual knowledge and spiritual teachings from other sources, i.e. books, experts in many fields of interest, scientist, teachers from all walks of life and studies in subjects that suit my interest, even the studies of other religions and other cultures.  I find what resonates with me in all that I come across and if it resonates just enough, it becomes part of my tool box of knowledge and may even become incorporated in my daily life.  Clearing my space and myself has become one of the things that has stuck with me since I first discovered cleansing.  It's one of the tools I share with everyone I work with.  I personally feel the shift in energy as its happening and definitely once its done.  Everything just feels lighter, cleaner and brighter.  So, if you have wanted to learn about cleansing and clearing your space here is what I have learned from A-Z. I am taking all my knowledge from all walks of life and merging them together to create my own way of doing things according to my truth and my own knowing.

I hope this knowledge and teaching resonates with you.  Sometimes an extra little tidbit of knowledge can become a catalyst to connect other dots for you on your spiritual journey.

Returning back to the teachings of our ancestors creates a connection with them.  Energetically connecting with them in their world and asking for their guidance and protection helps to create an even more magical world of cleansing in a world full of magic and alchemy.  I mean how magical is it to be able to burn some herbs and clearly feel the change in the atmosphere around you.  For the few that have never heard of this or done this here is some basic information.  

So lets answer some important questions for those that have never been introduced to the world of sage and its teachings.  

Why do we cleanse?  What are we cleansing?

In short, we cleanse to clean our space and bodies.  What are we cleansing?  ENERGIES and the electromagnetic imprints they leave behind.

Sage has been used by Native American Indians for centuries as a cleanser of spaces and bodies.  White sage alone has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.  Burning sage and intently asking for something to happen, like asking the lower energies to leave your space, the action of asking in itself, invokes Universal Law. 

Universal Law states that when anything outside of this reality is asked to leave or asked to be left alone they must.  For this is a world of free will.  So if asked to leave, they must obey, therefore they must leave!  "They" means the entities, the energy.  Everything is energy so its easier to just say the energy.  But to be more specific of what kind of energy I'm also referring to, I am also referring too entities.  

We are like little magnets of energy and targets of energy all at the same time.  Not everything out there is to your highest good or has your highest good in mind. Energies outside of your own energetic field encompass their very own energetic field.  Each overlapping the other depending on how far apart you are physically, and how connected you are energetically.  The overlapping or energetic connection leaves an electromagnetic residue, an imprint if you will. So if the energy carries, good, bad, right or wrong energy, the vibration felt by you and others will follow the same frequency of the entity.  You will feel this.  An unskilled person, will not know where its coming from.  Wrecking havoc on you and your life and family.  This is happening all the time with everyone around you.  Differentiating, between what is yours and what is someone else's takes skill and practice.  If you have never been trained in this...SAGE will become your go to for a great wiping of the slate clean and starting fresh.  Like a deep spring cleaning every time you burn this herb with the intent to clean.

Remember that everything is consciousness and has consciousness.  So everything outside of us has its own journey, a different agenda than yours, a cause outside of yours, and that's ok!  Which makes staying clear of any energies that are not ours an ultimate and crucial thing to do.  Our very own balance and harmony on this planet depends on it.  We do not want the influence of others amongst us or within our energetic field, auric field, or space.  Therefore, a cleansing is needed on the regular.   Everything is energy!  Energy never dies, it only transmutes and/or transform.  If energy never dies then that means people never do either.  We just transmute and transform into something different.  It's way busy around just can't see it-but believe me, its there.

Let's start at the very beginning and go from beginning to end what a good cleansing looks like, from A-Z. 

1.  Start with your space!  Your home, your office, your room.  Declutter and purge everything that does not have a spot in your home.  Declutter closets, rooms, kitchen, everything.  Get into that spring cleaning like never before.  Rid yourself of all that clothes you have been holding onto.  Anything you have not worn in a month or two must go.  I know this sounds extreme, so do what you can.  Baby steps.  A clean home when you cleanse will make it go longer.  Energy will feel better and less clutter means less cluttered mind.  It all flows.  We are all connected.  Think of your home as you would your body.  

2.  Start by cleansing self with a salt bath.  Salt is a natural neutralizer.  Its grounding and earthing.  

      A.  Get some Himalayan salt or Epsom salt ( ie. Epsom salt could take care of 2 things for you.  Cleanse you because its salt but also aid you with your sore muscles ;-) , nowadays they add essentials oils to the Epsom salt too so its a win, win); add to the bath.   I would add a few handfuls.  

      B.  Sit in the bath and start to imagine yourself like a tarnished silver spoon. 

As you wash and cleanse yourself, imagine that you are removing all the tarnish aka negativity away.  As you do that you start to envision yourself as a sparkly shiny spoon, (spoon to the left) as you wipe away all the residue.  Once you have done your entire body and have submerged yourself in the water entirely as much as you can.  Start to let the water drain and continue to wash your entire body with salt water.  As the water drains, watch the water drain and imagine all the negativity just float away.  Watch it, feel it go down the drain feeling lighter and lighter as the water drains.  After it has all gone down the drain rinse the residue off and start your shower.

***If you do not have a bath tub that is ok!  Simply grab some Epsom salt and wash like a bar of soap until entire body has been washed with the salt.  (I will be selling salt baths soon.  They will already be infused with sage, rosemary and whatever natural herb I may have growing in my garden.  Please continue to check my website for my launching of my new product line).  

Now, salt bath is done.  Now, its time to take the sage out.

Grab a bundle of Sage - You can burn a bundle and just light the bundle, (or a piece of white sage could be used, to be more conservative and respective to the plant and its healing properties).  I like to separate the bundle and crumble it and keep in a dish with a cover.  It has a heavenly scent and its always ready to be used like an incense.  (Will do a blog on incense burning) 

Cleansing Self

Start by burning and cleansing self.  Walk and hold burning sage in front of you or walk in a circle slowly.  Now work your way up and down your arms and body all the way down your legs.  Like you do with a bar of soap when you wash yourself.  You are literally washing yourself in the smoke of this healing herb. 

Hold your hands and feet out and let the smoke run through your hands and fingers (wait until you see the smoke come through your fingers and toes).  Do the same with your feet.  Take shoes and socks off and let the smoke run through your toes and imagine your body coming clean of all negative energies and entities. 

As you do all of this, ask and repeat, I release into the smoke all negative energies and all dark entities.  All entities that are not to you or your families highest good, must leave and not return to you in this lifetime or ever.  Say it with intent and be firm.  Ask that all limiting beliefs and limiting hopes and dreams be destroyed and uncreated.  They to must leave as well.  They are not allowed to return to your home, your family, in this life time or any other lifetime.  Amen, A'ho and so it is.  Repeat until the entire home is done and you feel it has taken place.  Feel free to add anything you feel needs to be added here.  Intent is what is most important here and to be firm and for you, yourself be clear of anything as well as you walk through.  Always do you first.  Then whomever else is in the home with you.  

Cleansing your space or home or vehicles

Go back to the front door and work your way around clockwise to the left and work your way around the house in a clockwise direction.  Open all doors and drawers and closets.  Make sure the smoke touches everything.  Repeat the clearing above, until the entire house is done.  (If I were to do the cleaning for you, I would take into account anything that may come up during the clearing of your home)  Taking into account any entities that could be stirring up things or other unknowns.  For general maintenance, I recommend doing this as often as you think of it.  Think of this as being equivalent to taking a shower.  Cleanse often!  Everyday we encounter things and come across things.  It's always good to try to keep your space free and clear of any debris you or your family may have picked up along the way and brought home.

Other items you can use to cleanse

Palo Santo - do same as above, Palo Santo does not create as much smoke as sage will.  So you may have to constantly keep lighting it.  It's a powerful cleanser, so don't let the small amount of smoke fool you. 

Lavender - do same as above, lavender and rose and several other herbs can be mixed in to your smudge bundle.  I always recommend separating the bundle and crumbling it up.  Burn only a little at a time.  Don't just do a mass burn out and burn the entire bundle all in one swift cleaning.  No need for so much burning.  A little goes a long way.  Be mindful of the plant and thank it for doing its job.

Crystals - you can add crystals to your space to help shift the energy in the room.  Vibrationally speaking the crystal will transmute the low vibrational frequencies in the space.  Crystals are vibrationally high.  Imagine them like a diffuser that works its way through the room.  Which is how oils work aromatically.  Except that you can't smell the energy exuded from the crystals, you can't see it either (although some claim they can during spiritual journeys), some can feel it too.  Others can't feel them or belief in their abilities and that's ok too. 

IF you have any questions, or would like a house cleansing please contact me.  I'm available for cleansing in the nearby areas.  Can guide cleansings via the phone too.  Contact me to book a cleansing if you are just feeling someone else should do it for you.  You can book me online or we can do a consultation to figure out your needs.  

Michelle V Pitlik, Energy Facilitator at Good Juju by Michelle

Crystal Shop Owner of Juju Vibes by the Sea 




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