What the Heck is a Healy?

A Healy is a portable device that use microcurrent frequency (IMF) and microcurrent programs to boost your health, vitality and well being.

What does a Healy do?

Analyze specific frequencies in the body that cause bioenergetic imbalance.

Delivers specific frequencies to the body to adjust a better bioenergetic balance.

What is the purpose of a Healy device?

1. Restore balance, mind, body & soul.

2. Feel more joy, vitality, and well-being.

 Healy Applications are designed to work in the body's bioenergetic field.

*Thousands of Frequencies available 

**Quantum sensors for remote healing 

**First Generation of its kind.

You can set up an appointment to experience 12 mins 40 secs to receive frequencies that resonate with your electromagnetic fields.  You can also set up a one on one session to really get and see the benefits of receiving a full session of Healy frequencies Or you can purchase your own device!  

Right now we are running an amazing special!  

Send me a message so I can send you a link to purchase your own device.  Healy requires that you are sponsored in.  So please give me a shout and I will get you started.  

Feel Healthy
All the Way with Healy

That’s why the Healy offers you IMF's (Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies) applications to help you stay fit, and harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. It is designed to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and find peace in the evening.

Healy is meant to help you to increase your vitality to improve the flow of your energy reserves and to activate your energy reservoirs.

Make your appointment and experience frequencies to help balance and harmonize your mind, body and soul.

Wanna own your own Healy?  Click below to shop now.  We are currently running a sale up until Oct 3, 2021 11:59 p.m.  IF you order the Resonance device.  The system once ordered is upgrading your order to the Professional device.  Huge savings!


Send me a quick message and I will get you started or click link above this and get it started.  Make sure my name is in the upper left corner of the link after you click on it under Sponsor Name


Michelle V Pitlik

Healy Distributor 



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