How can I as an Energy Facilitator, help in contributing to you and your body?

How can I as an Energy Facilitator, help in contributing to you and your body?

By helping you move stuck unprocessed emotions.  Filtering through them and providing space for you to do that, you can learn to shift them, feel them, acknowledge them and release them if they are ready to be released.  

As soon as we can get you to learn from your experiences. Learn the lesson and purpose for the experience.  You will be able to shift yourself out of that space, that emotion, and move on to other lessons.  When you are holding on to that type of energy, “which in turn is lowering your vibration” a facilitation of some sort will help ease you and your body back to be able to have more ease and joy with yourself and your body again.  I can guide you to tap into the knowledge or I will do it for you.  We already know everything.  We just have forgotten.  Together we will be able to zap the discomforts you and your body are experiencing.  One emotion, at a time.  It is a process and its not an overnight fix.  You have to put in the work.

We all need facilitation and most facilitations are more dynamic by having an intuitive person that is familiar with the process, help you and guide you to
remember that you already know.  You just need a little help remembering.  I have had to do this for myself.  Throughout the years I have created myself an effective toolbox. A toolbox that has magically helped me move from dis-ease to ease. 

Like I said before, everything is a process.  It took you years and lifetimes to get to the place where you are today. I say that with complete nonjudgment.  We are all at a “place” in our lives.  We are all trying to figure it out.  We just haven’t been taught the tools to do that.  Most of us simply don’t know.  These tools are not found in mainstream…which is why I come to you today, sharing my knowledge with you.

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Michelle V. Pitlik, Energy Facilitator and Intuitive

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